Domestic Violence

Law Office of Seth D. Schraier, P.C.


Whether you need to seek protection from an ex, or defend against allegations of domestic abuse, you may need a family court attorney to help. If you are a battered victim, and need to ensure you are safe from your abuser, we can immediately file for an order of protection by filing a family offense petition in family court. If the case cannot be resolved between the parties, then you will need an attorney who can ensure your evidence is submitted to the Court and that your story can be told properly for a 1, 2 or 5 year order of protection against your abuser. Or perhaps you all of a sudden find yourself being removed from your home because your ex or a family member filed for an order of protection and sought to have you excluded from your home. You will need to obtain legal representation quickly so that your case can be heard and give you the opportunity to return to your home.