Seth was extremely instrumental in winning my case. I would recommend him to anyone. I had a great, very professional and smart attorney who has perfectly handled my case.

Shalva Sarukhanishvili

I can't thank Mr. Schraier enough for representing me. Seth was very patient and kind with me. He answered all my questions in regards to the process of seeking an order of protection. Suggested his professional opinion, he is organized and thorough throughout the entire process. Overall, I appreciated his professionalism. Thank you again.

Tyler Taylor

I had a wonderful experience with Mr Schraier and continue to do so almost a year out from our case. Our case was unfortunately extended in its time frame because of the other party but he still maintained a wonderful amount of patience and courtesy. Im a naturally anxious person and would email him at least once a day and he would always answer my emails respectfully kindly and patiently by the next morning. He has an amazing amount of knowledge and I felt well represented and safe during our case. Even now 8 months since our case that ended in my favor he still replies to my emails if I need guidance or am unaware of a topic in regards to the order of protection I was granted and always has time to answer any of my questions.

Ana Jourdain

Mr. Schraier was a wonderful attorney. We were very blindsided and needed assistance and organization which he brought with professionalism and tact. I never been in a courtroom before this case, and I was constantly anxious and having panic attacks to the point of hyperventilation. However, he helped to calm me down and was extremely patient in explaining the protocols of the court. To the point where the judge made a ruling midway through the case that was in the favor of my brother who also had a case against him and myself. While there was not a definitive judgment due to the other party deciding to drop the case, I am immensely grateful for Attorney Schraier's professionalism and guidance during this very turbulent, scary time. He was very present and I am very thankful for all he did for us.

Marie Veldi

Attorney Seth Schraier has been an excellent attorney like I had never had before. It was my first time being in court, and with his help to represent me, he taught me important lessons on how to be a faithful client throughout the case. After more than two and a half long years in a case with him, it was still unfortunate that the other party decided to convince the Judge to dismiss the case without prejudice, but what I enjoyed out of him is that he shows me how the case we've been in is far from over. Before the dismissal, he fought with excellent organized and professional skills against the other party to make my case come to light. As the result, the Judge made her first half of her ruling on our favor, showing that the other party has no case all along, which really prompt the other party to concede. From this experience, I admire all the lessons he taught me, and from where it begins, all of his guidance became a part of me to be ready for anything in court. Thank you again Attorney Seth Schraier, you are the best!

Paul Verdi III

Mr. Schraier provided so much more than legal services. He showed me compassion, patience, and understanding. When working with him, all I knew was the outcome that I wanted. Mr. Schraier took the time to answer my plethora of questions, explain my different options, and what that would mean. Mr. Schraier went beyond the extra mile, and my family will forever be thankful for the work that he did.

Jenice Lyla Walford